photo by Helmi
We are 5 shows into her adult career and after a trek to Pennsylvania, Melody finally got that elusive BEST cat to make her a SUPREME GRAND CHAMPION. Thank you Nikki and thanks to Heather, Linda and Susan who all made sure I did not miss a ring. If you ever want to back east, Christmas City Cat Club puts on a terrific show and the club members are super helpful to those of us who flew in
Paris has finished her Quadruple Grand Championship!!! She has also earned enough points for a regional win. I am contemplating her first "husband". Paris surprised me by ending up 22nd Best regional cat. So she gets a coveted RW added to he title.
RW QD GC Raksha Tango in Paris

RW SGC Raksha Hard Hearted Alice

owned by Teresa and Dave Riley
RW QD GC Pippastro Perpetual Night of Raksha
 I have to thank Pippa and Mike for this lovely girl. I went to Wales to get her and had the honor of seeing all their exquisite cats. I really appreciated Pippa's time, home and cats. I hope someday to get her to California to repay the experience.
 Tooie as I call her had a good show career ending up as a QdGC and earning a regional title as 14th Best LH cat and Best Oriental Longhair.
IW SGC McIncats Melody Road (of Raksha)
picture by Helmi
Mel s my lucky cat. Lucky for me as I saw her as a kitten and fell in love. Lucky that Karen did not have the time to show her and decided that I could have her as long as I did show her. We ended up co owing her. Mel and I traveled and showed all season and the end result was great.
The season is over and Mel managed not only to be MidPacific 5th Best kitten and 3rd Best cat but held onto 24th Best International Shorthair cat and BEST OSH International. So thanks to all the judges who used her over the season .
Pasris is first OLH female of my breeding. I love her refinement and coat quality. She was appreciated by enough judges to earn her Quad. Grand Champioship.