Ameratsu a chocolate point Siamese spay. Only 3 years old , Ameratsu had her one litter for me and is now looking for a less crowded bed to sleep on.Don't you want her on your bed??

Updating Tsuki and Aliora had a hard time having kittens and both ended up spayed. Tsuki is managing the upstairs pack since her sister is downstairs. They are the classic siblings who never get along. I have to keep many doors between them but I love them both. Aliora has found a wonderful home with a coworker who swears she is her soul mate. I can't ask for better than that

Also(no longer) available is the sleek black Lucretia. I decided she was a little to moderate to use for breeding so she has been spayed. She is now looking for new shrine to be worshiped at. Lucretia found a home with Maria who had already a Raksha Siamese kitten and decided she needed an Oriental as well                                                                                       Gideon has also found a new home with just a few friends where he can be "the baby"

Grendel and D'Argo have gone their forever homes. D'Argo gets a pack of Beagles to pick on as well as a large family to cater to his every desire. Grendel is going to be living with his Great Auntie and a brother from a previous litter.                                                                    

Nessie and Wanda have reached the magic age of 5yrs old and are longer available for adoption. They will be staying here and sleeping on my waterbed.                                                                                    For those of you wondering Kitsune had a lovely litter of 3 kittens. I kept the 2 chocolate pt girls and Kim Corey (SWR) has the chocolate lynx pt boy. Raksha Katasura Otoko Bishamon. Taz as he is affectionately called has started his adult career as a one show grand. Kitsune's breeder had trouble with her sister delivering and requested  Kitsune back So she has returned to the desert.