IW SGC Raksha Burundi Kayanza is Karamell'sfirst son and already a successful show cat. Heacheived Mid Pacific 8th Best Kitten and BestSiamese Kitten. He is also TICA International 2nd Best Siamese kitten for the 2008-2009show season. As an adult he has already earnedthe coveted Supreme Grand Championship in just 3 shows. HOORAY for Banjee an IW(17th Best Cat) and Best Siamese in TICA 2009/10, accomplished in just 14 adult shows. 

Since the next cat I want to show off is a boy I put him on this page. Although he is an alter and not a Siamese.                                                                                  I  don't have many litters a year and many times months go by where I have nothing to show. So I decided to get a stocky breed cat to show when I had no Siamese or to keep a new show cat company. I looked for several years, whined to many Birman breeders but in the end it was a new to TICA breed that I succumbed to. Those big eyes, little doll face and wonderful unique colors. So a big thanks to Kay Hanvey for my Australian Mist.
RW SGCA Dreamtime Kulan of Raksha
Moon is a chocolate spotted sepia tabby. I will get his picture published soon. He only went to 5 shows but despite the tough alter competition he not only earned his SGCA but became MidPacific 8th best Alter. He will continue to attend shows as long as he is happy to go. His first show of this season earned him 10 out of 14 finals so I think I can squeeze him into another regional win this season.